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Pagan, Buddhist. Dog Lover. If you gotta be stuck in Alabama, try to make it better. #BlackLivesMatter #MentalHealthMatters

An existential ramble while washing the dishes

What much of the nation is feeling right now is what many of we domestic abuse survivors have felt after being assaulted.

Pain, shame, anger, confusion, fear, wondering what’s going to happen next.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Think of the recent insurrectionist attack in smaller terms, if it helps to wrap your head around it. Domestic terrorism brought down to the household level. For more than five years, we have been in an abusive relationship with Donald Trump and his supporters. A relationship rife with mental, emotional, sexual and physical abuse; the physical abuse always worse if you were black, often deadly.

And now…

During a spiritual/yoga gathering I attended today, a chant was performed. It was apparently used during the Women’s March in Birmingham (and we know how the Women’s March ended up being overtaken by white women instead of being intersectional as it SHOULD have been).

It was “Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me ‘round,

Turn me ‘round, turn me ‘round.

Ain’t gonna let nobody, turn me ‘round.

I’m gonna keep on a-walkin’, keep on a-talkin’,

Marchin’ on to freedom land.”

Original SNCC Freedom Singers

This chant was used for a very VERY different purpose. To be freed from our spiritual or personal prisons, or something…

It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay.

It’s a part of who you are, and it’s what makes you beautiful, different and special. Does it sometimes seriously suck? Oh hell yes. I’m not going to go on about my *seriously sucky days* but I feel you. I hear you. I KNOW THIS. …

From your White Friend Who’s an Ally in the Fight for Black Lives

Let me start this off by saying that I cherish each and every one of you, whether I’ve just met you recently or have known you for a long time (some since childhood). You wouldn’t be my friend if we didn’t have at least one thing in common: a respect for life in all its myriad shapes, sizes, and colors. Not just human life, but life in all aspects. So many of you came into my life via animal rescue.

Let me also preface this by saying…

It’s just another Saturday in Hoover, Alabama, and the Cell A65 protesters are getting arrested again. This time, for drawing with sidewalk chalk. Thing is, it wasn’t even the protesters who were doing the drawing.

Who do you call when the police are harassing you? How do you stop an illegal arrest, occurring on public property that violates your constitutional right to assemble, and when you were complying with the “lawful order” the police gave you to disperse and leave within five minutes, and then get arrested while walking to your car? …

Saying you’re an ally to the Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t fully prepare you for being shoved to the ground during a peaceful protest and having a police officer kneel on your back for trying to protect a child from police brutality.

Like Mr. George Floyd, I couldn’t breathe.

Unlike Mr. Floyd, I didn’t think I was going to die because I am a middle-aged, disabled, white woman.

This is how our brothers and sisters of color suffer — and too often die — on a daily basis at the hands of police. I glimpsed a fraction of that ongoing…

What is Gish? I’ve been part of this “Greatest International Scavenger Hunt” (that used to be The World Has Ever Seen, aka GISHWHES) since 2017 and for me it’s been more than a scavenger hunt, or a way to be creative and weird, or to cause “unreasonable pain and suffering” to myself or others for a week, or to curse Misha. It has literally been a life saver. …

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